Easy Farm Supply

San Diego BCS Tractor Dealer and Tractor Service on a real operating urban farm ideal for you to demo and buy your new BCS Tractor and attachments. Get behind the handlebars and use the many attachments that BCS has built to make the tractor the most versital and dynamic machine in it’s class.

Our History

Easy Farm Supply is a business geared at making the most of your land and the food you eat. We are actively encouraging our fellow Southern California hobby and market gardeners to expand their capabilities and the efficiencies of their small and growing farm and garden operations. We are encouraging landscaping contractors to add BCS Tractors and attachments to their equipment portfolios and for them to offer garden building and orchard set-up and care as revenue streams. We believe strongly in the ability of the BCS Walk Behind Tractor to make your chores easier and afford you the time to spend it where it has a higher return. Tools of the quality that BCS has built last for generations and their line up of labor saving attachments allow a land owner or contractor to make it look easy.

This is garden has 1000′ of 30″ish lasagna beds built on top of clay.

“Our BCS is named KOBE and is our employee of the year! .”

Fred’s Urban Farm- San Diego

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